Overwatch Hasbro Ultimates Sombra


  • $27.95

"Everything can be hacked and everyone." - Sombra

Sombra, from the hit 2016 game, Overwatch is here from Hasbro! "Stealth and debilitating attacks make Sombra a powerful infiltrator. Her hacking can disrupt her enemies, ensuring they're easier to take out, while her EMP provides the upper hand against multiple foes at once. Sombra’s ability to Translocate and camouflage herself makes her a hard target to pin down." -Gamepedia

Character Info: Age-30. Occupation-Hacker. Affiliation-Talon.

This action figure is approximately 6 inches tall and comes with Sombra's weapon, an additional set of hands, a prop of her hacking ability, and her Translocator beacon.

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