Lesney Matchbox Superfast #44 Passenger Coach

Lesney Matchbox

  • $6.95

Sizing and Description: This die-cast and plastic model coach was made in 1978 and is #44 C in the Superfast Series. The train coach is red with a cream colored plastic roof, '431 432' sticker/label on each side, black base, black railings, plastic tow hook, tow attachment, (so the front and back can be connected to other sections to form a long train) plastic train wheels, and blue-green windows. The coach is approximately 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches tall.

Condition: This model train coach is loose with no packaging. There are paint imperfections throughout the body. The plastic roof shows scuffing and the wheels show some wear. The '431 432' labels/stickers show some wear and one of them is somewhat off-center and sits at a downward angle. Rolls well. This is a previously owned product. Please make your own judgement about the condition of the model with the pictures provided.

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