Lesney Matchbox Superfast #37 Skip Truck | Dump Truck

Lesney Matchbox

  • $9.95

Sizing and Description: This die-cast and plastic model truck was made in 1976 and is #37 C in the Superfast Series. The truck has a red body, yellow plastic skip, unpainted base, clear windows, grayish interior, unpainted mechanism holding the skip, and black plastic wheels. The skip can be lifted up and back to dump any contents. The truck is approximately 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches tall.

Condition: This model truck is loose with no packaging. The paint on the cab has held up well apart from some minor imperfections. Most notably, some rust is present on the axle ends, visible through the center of the wheels. Some window scuffing. Rolls well. This is a previously owned product. Please make your own judgement about the condition of the model with the pictures provided.

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