Lesney Matchbox Superfast #36 Refuse Truck | Garbage Truck

Lesney Matchbox

  • $6.95

Sizing and Description: This die-cast and plastic model truck was made in 1979 and is #36 D in the Superfast Series. The truck has a blue cab, an orange container, red load, 'Metro D.P.W. 66' labels, red windows, and a silver base. The red load is a mechanism that can be pushed backward to open up the back plastic portion of the truck so trash can be pushed out.The truck is approximately 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches tall.

Condition: This model truck is loose with no packaging. There are some minor paint chips/ loss on the cab. This is a previously owned product. Please make your own judgement about the condition of the model with the pictures provided.

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