Harvest Moon 64 Nintendo 64 N64 Original Game | 1999 Tested & Cleaned | Authentic


  • $70.95

Original Harvest Moon 64 for Nintendo 64 - released 1999 - Game Cartridge Only! Region: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada) You will receive the item pictured so please be sure to review the pictures carefully. 

Cartridge: scratches and scuffing throughout, particularly noticeable on the rear of the cartridge. Rear panel has yellowing - see picture #13.
Front Label: label is in fair condition. Some deep indents and scratches. Discoloration and yellowing throughout, especially over the Official Nintendo Seal.
Rear Label: label is in good shape with "01" production stamp. Some deep indents and scratches on the label. Yellowing throughout. 

: Tested and working. Like all N64 games, the game may require a few attempts to boot up. The pins are discolored likely due to previous owner using abrasive to clean them - see pictures #14 and #15.

Important Note: Save data for Harvest Moon 64 is held on the circular CR2032 battery. Our team tested the save function, turning the game off and on several times. The original battery is installed and has not been replaced. We cannot guarantee that the game will continue to save in the foreseeable future as the battery continues to age. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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