Star Wars Episode I Micro Machines Collection IV


  • $12.95

Box Description: Now unfolds the beginning of the epic tale that began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Turmoil engulfs the Galactic Republic as the small planet of Naboo faces invasion by the greedy Trade Federation. Recreate the conflict between the Jedi, guardians of peace, and the ruthless Sith Lords with exciting vehicles and figures from Star Wars: Episode I. And may the Force be with you...

Box Description Contents: Coruscant Taxi- Small transport used to shuttle beings around the city planet of Coruscant. Ki-Adi-Mundi- Only member of the Jedi Council who is a Jedi Knight rather than a Jedi Master. Sith Infiltrator- Transport ship used by Darth Maul to hunt for the Jedi and Queen Amidala. Darth Sidious- Sith Lord who masterminded the Trade Federation Invasion of Naboo.

The figures and starships were made in 1998 and released by Galoob which had been or was in the process of being absorbed by Hasbro. The figures are approximately 1 inch tall and the ships are approximately 1 inch for the taxi and 2 inches for the Infiltrator. 

ConditionBerbly Toys does not guarantee mint boxes. For this item, the box has damage and wear. A Bradlees sticker pricing the item at $6.99 can be seen above the 'R' in 'Star'. This is a previously owned product. Please make your own judgement about the condition of the models with the pictures provided.

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