Aliens Retro Collection Eaglemoss: Panther & Scorpion

Aliens Retro Collection Eaglemoss: Panther & Scorpion


  • $63.95

This Aliens Retro Collection figure 2 pack by Eaglemoss contains a Panther Alien figurine and a Scorpion Alien figurine. The items come in a display box which opens at the front to reveal the figurines. 

"Perhaps the most wily xenomorph mutation, the Panther Alien's sharp intellect and even sharper claws mean it is perfectly built to pursue and dispatch its prey."

"The Scorpion Alien possesses a spiky endoskeleton and a poisonous sting in its tail. Unlike any scorpion on Earth, this deadly creature stands as tall as any man."

Please note that the box that the figurines are packaged in may have creasing or small marks in several places. If you would like to see the exact item you will receive, please send a message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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